Go To Bed Privacy Policy

Data Collection

  • If you use Facebook to log in to Go To Bed and add sleeps, we collect those sleeps (start and end times) and store them on our secured servers. We do not store your name, email, or any personally identifiable information.

  • Sleeps are tied to an app-scoped Facebook identifier. This is a one-way identifier: you can access your sleeps when you are logged in via Facebook, but we have no idea what sleeps belong to who.

  • You can control what you share. If you don’t want your sleeps synced to our servers, do not use the sleep logging feature. You can delete recent sleeps that have been synced in the app. Currently, we cannot retrieve any sleeps older than two weeks.

Data Use

  • We collect your sleeps to provide you a history of your sleeps and to let you compete against your friends.

  • As mentioned in “Data Collection,” your data remains anonymous and is stored in our secured servers.

  • Your data is processed in the United States.

Data Sharing

  • We do not share your data with any third party companies. If you activate the Leaderboard feature, your sleep averages will be shared your Facebook friends who also use our service.

  • Data sharing is disabled until you activate the Leaderboard feature, and you can enable or disable the feature in the app.

  • We may share data without your consent if required by law.

Changes to this Policy

  • Use of data is subject to the Policy in effect when the data is used.

  • If there are any changes to the Policy, they will be posted here.

  • If you have questions about the Policy, direct them to [email protected].